VIA Motors : VIA Delivers Electric Work Trucks.

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VIA Motors : VIA Delivers Electric Work Trucks.

By Marcus Kääpä/David Knott,

VIA Motors stands at the forefront of electric truck chassis development with its revolutionary VDRIVE™ skateboard architecture and VTRUX® portfolio of EV work trucks. We speak to executive members of the company to learn more about the electric drive technology changing the commercial fleet landscape. 


Commercial fleets, including last and mid mile delivery, is a crucial sector and the lifeblood of American logistics. According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), almost $900 billion is made in gross freight revenues from trucking, spanning long-haul interstate shipments to smaller-scale regional deliveries.

Within this mobility frontier, the incorporation of technological development is key to maintaining a foothold for commercial fleets across the US, be it advancements in navigation, fuel economy, comfort, performance, or renewable energy use. 

VIA Motors (VIA) is a specialist in the field of electric vehicle (EV) advancement, engineering all-electric work trucks from the ground up, that are preferred by drivers and valued by fleets of all sizes. At the heart of the company dwells an established mission to deliver EVs with zero compromise. Adaptable tailored solutions, electrified cost efficiency, and a pledge to zero-emission sustainability coalesce, resulting in the basis of a business aimed at creating a more efficient and liveable world for all, one mile at a time.