VIA Motors: Class 2-5 Tailored Electric Work Trucks that Get the Job Done.

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Class 2-5 tailored electric work trucks that get the job done.

VIA Motors designs and manufactures class 2-5 electric work trucks, based on their industry leading “VDRIVE” skateboard platform.


The VDRIVE Skateboard allows for a 21” low load floor height and a driver-forward design, opening up volume for the cargo area and improving the driver experience with a tight turning radius and low step in height.

The flexible and scalable VDRIVE skateboard is available in 130-inch, 160-inch, and 190-inch wheelbases. Battery sizes range from 55kWh, 82 kWh, 124 kWh, and 165 kWh. In short, the VDRIVE platform offers fleets and upfitters the ultimate in flexibility and can accommodate a wide variety of vehicle bodies.

Additionally, VIA markets the VDRIVE skateboard as a standalone unit, allowing other companies to use their own bodies and power their EVs with VIA’s industry leading technology.


VTRUX is VIA’s flexible electric work truck platform, based off their VDRIVE system. They–offer  a portfolio of body styles and upfitting solutions that all fit on their VDRIVE skateboard. VIA makes it easy for fleets to upfit their preferred body style onto VIA’s cab chassis and even sells direct to upfitters.


  • Walk-In Vans
  • Dry Boxes
  • School/Shuttle Buses
  • Stake Trucks
  • Ambulance/Service Trucks
  • Cab/Cutaways
  • Standalone VDRIVE skateboard and more

Built to Last

VIA makes functional, reliable, and durable electric work trucks for the world’s fleets. A VTRUX electric work truck saves fleets money with less maintenance and fuel costs than a fossil-fuel truck. With the experience of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the creativity of a startup, the VIA team puts their proven automotive and technical talent to the test with rigorous development and launch discipline, delivering you the electric work truck your drivers deserve.

Transition to an Electric Fleet Made Easy

VIA makes it easy to transition to an electric fleet. They sit down with customers and walk through the process, helping them to spec out the vehicle that best suits their needs. VIA Motors is in a pending transaction with Ideanomics (Nasdaq: IDEX), a global group with a mission to accelerate the commercial adoption of electric vehicles. Once it becomes part of Ideanomics, VIA will offer a total package that includes charging infrastructure and financing, making it even easier for fleets to transition to electric drive vehicles.

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