Designed for Fleets

VTRUX Enables A Full Portfolio Of Product Offerings

VTRUX: VIA's Commercial EV Platform

The VTRUX platform gives VIA the ability to flexibly design and build commercial EVs in various sizes and configurations to provide fleets with tailored solutions that best meet their needs.

The VTRUX platform is 100% electric, with various battery sizes to choose from, so you can achieve the range you need and power essential accessories like refrigeration units or electronic lift gates.

  • Low-cost, hassle-free experience
  • Purposeful design for intended use
    • Voice of Customer responsive
    • Ergonomics prioritized for driver/operator comfort and efficiency
    • Neighborhood friendly
Reduced carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels means less air pollution everywhere, especially in heavily populated urban areas where air pollution is sometimes greatest.

Designed For Fleets

Class 2
Class 3
Class 4/5
2,200 lbs.
4,400 lbs.
6,700-10,000 lbs.
400 - 816 cu. ft.
400 - 816 cu. ft.
631 - 816 cu. ft.
70/125/180/250 miles
70/125/180/250 miles
125/180/250 miles
Chassis Cab & Van
Chassis Cab & Van
Chassis Cab & Van

Reduced Operating and Maintenance Cost

Architecture Package Efficiency

Maximized Uptime through Diagnostic/Prognostic Preventive Maintenance

Optimized Operational Efficiency through real time monitoring of each vehicle