Designed For Drivers.
Tailored For Fleets.

Driver forward design maximizes cargo capacity and enhances the driver’s view. Modular hardware and software, in partnership with customers, enables tailored cost-effective solutions.

You decide what your
fleet is capable of.

Speed, range, power, telematics,
and more - are all fully customizable.

Our deep systems controls allow us to fully adapt to the duty cycles and performance requirements of commercial EV’s, so you can get the most from each charge.

We wit down with each customer to learn about their fleet needs. Then, using virtual testing environments, we analyze the routes the vehicles will take and create a custom EV with exactly what the customer needs, saving them money and making the world more livable for all.

Thoughtful Ergonomics

We understand how demanding the job can be and have integrated support and safety features into all our platforms to make the delivery experience better for fleet drivers across the globe.

Advanced Telematics

We offer precision fleet management through predictive and real-time telematics, giving you complete control over route optimization. mobility intelligence that makes sense and further reduces costs.

Modular Design

Our electric skateboard platform is fully customizable. With an array of payload capacities and vehicle shells available, you get to create the EV you want.