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By Lauren Fletcher ​

VIA Motors is not the newest entry into the electric vehicle market. It has more than a decade of experience in vehicle and fleet electrification. Founded in 2010, the electric vehicle development and manufacturing company began converting General Motors vehicles into plug-in hybrids but are now introducing a portfolio of fully electric commercial vehicles for fleets.

CEO of VIA Motors, Bob Purcell, recalled the shift from plugin hybrid conversions to fully electric commercial vehicles.

“Several years ago, I saw the future for electrification for commercial fleets. The use case was perfect, with predictable routes, frequent start/stops, and a demand for sustainability. It made perfect sense, so we changed our approach and focused on a fully electric skateboard platform,” he said.

Today, VIA has developed VDrive, a skateboard-based platform, which supports Classes 2-5 with a variety of body styles, including cab chassis, cutaway, step van, and cargo van configurations.

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