Pegasus Specialty Vehicles Announces First Purchase Order for Pegasus Valkyrie with VIA Motors Chassis

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DUNKIRK, Ohio — Pegasus Specialty Vehicles is announcing Hudson Bus Sales of Cleburne, Texas has submitted a purchase order for 200 Pegasus Valkyrie MFSAB’s with the new VIA Motors, a division of Ideanomics, VTrux platform. This is the first order commitment from a dealer from the 2,000 chassis commitment Pegasus made with VIA Motors.

“I am extremely happy that Hudson Bus has made the commitment to the VIA chassis with Pegasus. We hear a lot in the industry about vertically integrated and the such, we prefer purpose built. VIA provides a chassis that is purpose built from the ground up to be EV. It provides us with a great platform at a great price point” according to Pegasus President Brian Barrington. “Obviously we feel very strong that this chassis will set the standard, in terms of performance and reliability.”

The VIA chassis is set to begin production in 2024 and the Hudson Bus Sales units will be the first production, purpose built EV MFSAB.


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Pegasus Specialty Vehicles is spearheaded by industry-proven leadership, experienced as reputable expert innovators in the school transportation and manufacturing industries. Its management team brings a culture of creativity, flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, and teamwork to producing competitively priced modern school and shuttle buses that address market needs that have been ignored by existing bus manufacturers. Located in West Central Ohio Pegasus is positioned to be able to service the entire U.S. and Canada from one location. The company provides buses for both school and transit bus industries. The company’s leadership is well recognized by bus dealers, school bus contractors, school district transportation operators, and decision-makers who have expressed dissatisfaction with current products that do not provide the features these buyers need and want. Learn more at

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Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) is a global group with a simple mission: To accelerate the commercial adoption of electric vehicles. By bringing together vehicles and charging technology with design, implementation, and financial services, we provide solutions needed for the commercial world to commit to an EV future. To keep up with Ideanomics, please follow the company on social @ideanomicshq or visit