Ideanomics & VIA Display VTRUX Platform at Work Truck Week

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March 9, 2023 • By News/Media Release • Work Truck Magazine

Ideanomics and its subsidiary VIA Motors jointly exhibited at Work Truck Week 2023 in Indianapolis. The Ideanomics and VIA booth introduced the VTRUX Class 3 medium-duty electric work truck, featuring a Knapheide stake body. Visitors also had the opportunity to take schedule a ride and drive. 

VIA Motors also partnered with Morgan Olson to showcase their Class 2B Proxima with a VIA Skateboard. This vehicle is being developed in collaboration with EAVX, a business unit of the JB Poindexter & Co (JBPCO).

During a press event, Alf Poor, Ideanomics CEO, and Bob Purcell, VIA Motors CEO, shared important updates on the VIA product line, Ideanomics’s portfolio of charging solutions, and Ideanomics’s collaboration with Google Cloud to develop a better digital fleet management solution.

Bob Purcell went over the VDRIVE, VIA’s skateboard platform, and VTRUX, VIA’s flexible electric work truck and chassis. Representatives from Pegasus and EAVX were also invited to share their experience with VIA’s product.

Poor shared the following highlights regarding Ideanomics charging solutions:  

  • Containerized charging: 20-foot shipping container that can charge up to 20 vehicles with up to 700 kilowatts per vehicle.
  • ChargeBIG: A smart system that can efficiently charge 36 vehicles at once.
  • WAVE wireless charging: Technology that provides opportunity charging, extending vehicle range. 

Poor also shared how these charging solutions can be deployed faster and cheaper with Ideanomics’s “as a Service” financing model.

Finally, with more than 2 million lines of code already developed, Poor provided a first look at Ideanomics’s new digital platform. The system will give fleet operators clear line of sight into the performance of all their EVs and charging solutions in real-time – no matter the make or model.