Utah Legislators Try Out New Electric Vehicles by VIA Motors

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah)- Utah state legislators spent the day getting free rides in a new line of electric vehicles. The reason why is they’re trying to determine the potential the vehicles could have in reducing emissions and cleaning up the air we breathe.

Lawmakers tested new electrified versions of the Chevy Silverado and some vans. 

Clean air advocates say there’s a lot of benefits.

“You have to pay more up front, but you save in your gasoline costs. Imagine going 100 miles a gallon. Huge. Especially in a truck like this where they normally get mileage in the teens,” said Cherise Udell, Founder of Moms for Clean Air. 

Utah-based electric vehicle maker Via Motors is working with General Motors on the fleet.

A representative says sales are going well.

It’s going so well they currently have a backorder.

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