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InterviewLOS ANGELES, May 21, 2015 — Many organizations rely on company cars for their business, and VIA Motors believes that they have a vehicle alternative for those who are ready to update their fleet. VIA Motors produces electric vehicles that have up to a 40 mile battery range and quality for government tax incentives.

Businesses often find themselves struggling to find the right vehicle for their fleets. Brands want to ensure that these vehicles meet all their needs, including being affordable to own and having access to services and parts. Recently, many businesses have become increasingly aware of efficiency requirements that will be enforced in the future, which has led many leaders to look beyond gasoline to find their answer.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, immediately recognized the value offered by VIA Motors. “We continuously hear about the rising costs, both financially and to the environment, associated with gasoline powered vehicles. VIA Motors offers an interesting solution that can help businesses stay on the forefront of technological development, benefiting their own organizations. We were interested in learning more about what they had to offer and how their company might change the industry of company cars.”

VIA Motors has recently completed the certification of their full sized vans and expects to soon certify their pickup trucks. They believe that with their technology and business model, they can help make these advancements applicable and within reach for the average business fleet owner. Customers using these vehicles greatly increase their miles per gallon, helping to boost their savings and help their own organizations.

Those interested in learning more about VIA Motors and the vehicles they offer organizations should watch this latest episode of Worldwide Business. The episode will provide greater insight into the capabilities of the vehicles and where the brand looks to take the technology next.


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