Alabama Power Makes Use of VIA Motors Xport Power Module

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Danny Kings with Alabama Power was at Tuskegee University last week. Alabama Power Company is engaged in the generation and purchase of electricity and the transmission, distribution, and sale of such electricity at retail in over 650 communities. They were building a “Bridge to the Future” using the VIA Truck Power Export.



Power where you need it—at home or the workplace. With two 240 volt outlets right on the rear of the truck provide easy access for work or emergency. Now you can plug your house into your truck in an emergency! The VTRUX power export module option provides 14.4 kW at 60 amps of onboard mobile power. A utility grade output module is planned for the future and will be designed to provide 50 kW of mobile emergency power to keep critical facilities online.

Don’t worry Danny is here to help…

Additionally as they were leaving, an electric BMW needed a charge, so Mr. Kings charged the BMW also with the VIA Motors Xport Power Module and clipper creek portable charger.

About VIA Motors

VIA Motors is a privately held electric vehicle development and manufacturing company. VIA employs a streamlined up-fitting manufacturing process to integrate its proprietary V-DRIVE™ power train into new OEM vehicles, then sells directly to fleets under the VTRUX™ brand name.