Bob Lutz & Jay Leno Team Up at Coalition for Clean Air Awards

Former GM Vice Chairman and VIA Motors Board Member, Bob Lutz, tv personality Jay Leno, and actor and environmentalist, Ed Begley Jr. took the stage at the 2012 California Air Quality Awards.

LOS ANGELES—Two ultimate “car guys”, Bob Lutz and Jay Leno, teamed up on behalf of clean air and charity at the 2012 Collation for Clean Air on Thursday. The CCA held the awards ceremony at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.

Lutz and Ed Begley, Jr., an environmentalist best known for his roles in Arrested Development and Best in Show, presented Leno a Clean Air Award on behalf of the Coalition for Clean Air. After the CCA awards ceremony, Bob Lutz, father of the Chevy Volt, and Leno announced VIA Motors pledge to donate the first consumer-built extended-range electric truck, the “VTRUX,” to the CCA for charity.

Lutz and Leno christened the VIA “Vtrux” by autographing the electric truck hood.

Lutz and Leno signed the hood to commemorate the occasion and Mr. Lutz christened the truck “The Lenutz.” The CCA plans to auction off this piece of automotive history with the proceeds being donated to the Fischer House, a charity that supports America’s military in need.  VIA Motors was one of the sponsors of the evening.

2012 California Air Quality Awards on June 21, 2012 at Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Later Leno invited Lutz and his VIA team to his world famous car collection to videotape a segment for Leno’s Garage. The two car guys took a historic first drive together in VIA’s electric truck which drives like the Chevy Volt and averages 100mpg.   “This is the future,” Leno said, after taking the VTRUX for a drive.

VIA’s Bob Lutz poses with famous comedian, Jay Leno, before the California Clean Air Quality Awards.

Lutz was one of the keynote speakers at the CCA awards ceremony where he introduced the world’s first extended-range electric truck by VIA Motors.

Kraig Higginson; Jay Leno, former GM Vice Chairman, Bob Lutz; Dave Meisel Director of Transportation for Pacific Gas & Electric; Jason King PG&E Public Relations Rep, and Alan Perriton COO for VIA Motors pose in front of VIA Motors groundbreaking 100+mpg extended-range electric truck before the Coalition for Clean Air awards ceremony.

VIA Motors Director, Bob Lutz, was interviewed by Jay Leno in Jay’s 100,000 square foot automobile-motorcycle museum garage. Leno showed off VIA’s extended-range electric truck and SUV and took the electric “VTRUX” for a test drive.

Bob Lutz, shakes Jay Leno’s hand, introducing him to VIA Motor’s extended-range electric truck before the California Air Quality Awards.